World of Logs Client

World of Logs Client 7.0

It is used to save your preferences and to read WoWCombatLog.txt
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World of Logs

To start it, just click the big "Client" button on the upper right corner of each page.
1. If you're asked to save or run the jnlp file, choose run.
2. The client will ask for access to the file system - it is used to save your preferences in your home directory and to read WoWCombatLog.txt.
3. Enter your account settings here and configure where WoW saves it's logs.
- On windows XP, it's usually C:\Program Files\Blizzard\World of Warcraft\Logs
- On windows Vista, it's C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\Logs
- If you have installed WoW in a different directory, like C:\Games\WoW, it's C:\Games\WoW\Logs
- You can use the "Find/Test and save" button to let the client find the WoW directory. It checks for the default locations.

The messages list is categorized into different types of messages: blue is spam about internals, green is informational, yellow are warnings and red are errors. If you encounter an error here, please copy the messages list and post the relevant part to help us fix it. (TODO: Copy to clipboard function)

The sync process is limited to once per minute so in a raid, you will see quite a few "Going to wait a bit longer" messages. Don't be alarmed. For viewers, the Live Reports are almost the same as other reports, the only thing is that they can change between page views.

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